About Us

We are MicroBosstel, the 09-360 brand.

We are MicroBosstel, the 09-360 brand.

MicroBoss Telephone Network Limited is a Nigerian wholly owned fixed landline telephone company licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The company commenced operations under the name MicroBoss Technologies. (RC-899117) in the year 2010 and MicroBoss Telephone Network in 2022.

Why Choose Us?

We are an NCC Licensed Telecommunication Company.
We provide a unique voice, call, data, SMS and video service to the general public. Our unique number ranges from 09-3600000. With MicroBoss Telephone Network (MTN) you talk more and spend less as our network and tariff is efficient, swift, and affordable.

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Enjoy unified communications without a SIM card. Fill the form to get an MICROBOSS Line to call all networks locally and internationally.